Script for Update to Frontier

guess it will be a short while for upgrade script ??? Can we upgrade from the RC version ???



Upgrade from the rc version can be done by normally updating the system.

so there will be no need for the script.

Not if you are running the rc version.

Thank you so much for you help. This is such a great product so glad I was told about it.

Thanks Mark for your kind words.
Note though that we cannot override your individual setup like personal wallpaper, themeing, etc., but all the version updates like skype 4.3 should be doable via a normal update.

On my PC there is running the rc and I updated with every update package from repository.Except the few known problems as known in the forum all runs well out of the box. I’m very glad about that. Congratulations to all people who will work towards on netrunner! Including Marc Shuttleworth, Clement Lefebvre and Jonathan Riddell. :wink: Thanks a lot. Good team work. Thanks to Clemens Tönnies who made it possible.

Hi Ready, very much appreciated!
Just note that Clement Lefebvre did work on Netrunner in the beginning, but due to his focus on Cinnamon, Leszek Lesner (from ZevenOS) has joined up the team in his place. Just due credit where credit is due :slight_smile: