SDDM login screen

I just finished installing Netrunner 16 and rebooted. When the SDDM login screen came up the fonts are horrible. you can hardly read them. I’m able to login ok but I don’t know how to change them. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi jallain,
what GPU do you have? Are you using free or proprietary drivers?
Any chance to make a screenshot (with a camera or phone)?

A screenshot would be really helpful here.
Most problems might have to do with the graphics driver used but it can also be a bug in some other component like Qt.
So if possible help us deduct what might be the reason of this with a screenshot please.

Sorry for the delay; I’ve been out of town. I couldn’t get a screenshot but I used my phone to take a cou0ple of pictures. They pictures don’t really show the extent of the problem but hopefully you can see what I’m talking about.