SDDM Not working almost every boot

Oh got some bugaboo concerning SDDMm, seems that one out of three boots will be okay but afterwards I am stuck with the command line login.
The issue is so bad I may have to revert to kdm, is there something a little more netrunner specific to change to KDM or do I have to work out the massive arch wiki?

Do not use the arch wiki, Netrunner Rolling is based off of Manjaro, so the Manjaro wiki is what you need:

I haven’t experienced this on any of my machines, this sounds more like a Plymouth or a GPU driver issue.

Anyway, here is you’ll need to do:

sudo systemctl disable sddm.service -f

Without Plymouth installed:

sudo systemctl enable kdm.service -f

with Plymouth installed:

sudo systemctl enable kdm-plymouth.service -f