Slow/Choppy Video Issue


I just installed this OS on my main computer today and have found that when moving windows/folders around, it is a delayed response. They should obviously move with the cursor as you drag it around the screen, but for each postion you move to, there is a 2-3 second delay. Even when I am scrolling in a browser, it is choppy.

What can I do to correct this?

Main Computer:

HP s5220i Slimline Pavillion
Pentium E5300
128 gig solid state hdd
4 gigs memory
Built-in Intel GMA 3100 Graphics
27" Asus VE276 Monitor

My second computer is a Dell Optiplex 790 and has no video issues.
This one also has Intel video. I just wonder why my main (newer) PC
has video issues? Huh

I just checked my memory and it says the following:

Memory Information
Total memory (RAM): 3.9 GiB
Free memory: 1.3 GiB (+ 1.6 GiB Caches)
Free swap: 4.0 GiB

Only 1.3 gib available from 4 gigs??
I only have a browser window and 2 folders open! wow…

I found on the Ubuntu forum that if I disable the desktop effcts, it should cure the video delay. Well, that worked… but how much fun is that??

This may end up being a great distro, but for now, I will have to depart on my main computer as I need a distro that just works completely out of the box. Oh well, back to Mint.

If you use MintKDE and it works, you could simply see what effects are on and off that remove the delay.
Since it was tested to work well without any delay with all effects on a much lower powered machine, I assume its a gfx drivers issue. Try disable only the Blur effect and see if that already solves the delay.