So why no choice in phonon-qt40vlc?

Just curious AJSlye you quoted for Manjaro KDE forums.

So why no choice in phonon-qt40vlc? as an option in Netrunner rolling?
As don’t have that choice even tho Vlc is installed?

Just wondering if there was a reason to stay informed.


The phonon-qt4-vlc backend is a separate package from VLC and not a dependency of it or Phonon . You can always install it yourself using octopi or pacman if you wish to use it as well.

sudo pacman -S phonon-qt4-vlc

I’d like to add that phonon-qt4-vlc is not installed by default in the Manjaro KDE Edition by default either. The OP of that thread (guido) had asked how to replace phonon-qt4-gstreamer with phonon-qt4-vlc and anex answered the question, all I Tdid was to inform them that one did not need to be removed just to add and use the other. here are also other backend to phonon as well, here is the list of backends from the KDE UserBase wiki’s Phonon page:

Please keep in mind that I am not a Netrunner developer and really have no idea how and why they choose one thing over another.