software on dvds and downloading videos

Greetings all

 I am using Netrunner 17 on a usb drive since it came out on the Linux Magazine. I am wondering on how to get a couple of different programs on different dvds' provided by the same magazine with different issues. One program is called FlightGear found on LXF 151 dvd and the other program is called Gramps 3.3.1 found on LXF 152 dvd. Has anyone ever used these programs with Netrunner? 
 If so, I would like to use these programs myself and would like to know how to get these programs transferred from disc to usb drive and to work with and be recognized by the OS. The other thing I would like to ask about, what program do you use to download videos from Youtube? Thanks.

That would depend on which edition of Netrunner are you using?
14, 15, 16, 17 (Kubuntu based) or Rolling (Manjaro based).

For Netrunner Rolling both of these applications are available in the Manjaro repositories:
gramps 4.2.3
flightgear 2016.2.1

sudo pacman -S gramps flightgear

Firefox in Netrunner comes preloaded with both VideoDownloadHelper and Ant Video Downloader.

Thanks. I am using netrunner 17.

Then you’ll need to search the repositories, find a PPA, or compile them yourself from source.
If a deb package was provided on the CD then you may be able to install these from that, albeit more than likely not up-to-date versions.

Flightgear and Gramps are in Universe. Just a “sudo apt-get install flightgear gramps” away.

For downloading youtube videos you can also use youtube-dl (sudo apt-get install youtube-dl). It’s for the commandline but it exists a GUI too: YoutubeDLG

Another alternative is clipgrab:

If you just want to view the videos without a browser: minitube or smtube - both available via apt.