SOLVED android mtp & trouble

the second thing that I can’t seem to get right is mounting my nexus 7 to pc
kio-mtp is installed, and I also tried with go-mtpfs,
have tried with locked and unlocked tablet,
but the option to go MTP is not popping up in my tablet,
and so the device is not detected by lsusb and ofc it is not mounting.

Am I doing sth wrong?

So the tablet isn’t detected at all when pluggin in via usb ?
Thats strange and might be a hardware problem (cable, mainboard, tablet)

Did you test the same hardware configuration with another system and is it working there ?

you were right.
well almost right.
As I learned with one of the last updates the option (located in settings>storage>option (3 dots on top right) was disabled, and has to be enabled manually in nexus 7.
I am marking as solved.
Thank you.

how can I mark as solved?

Just edit the original posts title and add [solved]