[SOLVED] Cannot invoke vlc by clicking on menu icon

When I try to invoke vlc by clicking on its menu icon, I get this message:

“Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder $HOME/.local/share/applications/vlc.desktop does not exist.”

[]How could this have come about in a fresh install, and how might I fix it?
]If re-installing the vlc package will help, how do I do so?
[*]Could you also please direct me to a lookup table or reference site that matches the repsective Debian and Arch commands (apt-get and pacman, etc.) and their options so that someone coming from Kubuntu will come to speed quickly.

There shouldn’t be a $HOME/.local/share/applications/vlc.desktop folder. Anything *.desktop would be a file and not in your home directory. try replacing the menu file with the one out of skel:

cp -r /etc/skel/.config/menus .config

Here is the pacman Rosetta:

The error message I reported was from Plasma when vlc was invoked. In any case, a re-installation of vlc removed it. Just for interest, in the cp code you have shown above, where does the target .config reside?

Thank you for the pacman Rosetta: it was exactly what I was seeking and will help me learn the dialect.

It’s a hidden folder in your home directory and in etc/skel, that’s why there is no / after the dot.