[Solved]Cannot update, dependancy issue


I cannot update my system. When I start pacman -Syu, it gives me linux317-nvidia: requires nvidia-utils=343.36 and won’t proceed. How can I satisfy the dependancies? Thanks for your time.

First make sure you read and perform the bash update described in the readme before doing anything else.
The readme is on the desktop of the fresh install, but just in case:

Once that is done follow my latest update instructions here:

Note: I make a post here in the forums with every update-pack release, these sometimes contain any special steps that may be needed for the updates to succeed.

On testing I had this error because kernel 3.17 was still installed. You need to remove 3.17 because of EOL. Make sure you’re running another kernel doing that.

I’ve done all that and I’m still getting the sme error.

That kernel is the one I’m using 3.17.8-1-MANJARO. It’s the only kernel I have installed.

When you read my update announcement you might have seen this:
Note: 3.17-series is EOL and will be removed from our repositories soon.

This means NO updates to nvidia drivers available in the repository for that kernel. This is just one of the caveats to using the proprietary drivers.

As flipper suggested, switch to a different kernel using the mhwd-kernel command or the Manjaro Settings Manager GUI, reboot into it and then update the nvidia drivers if needed:

Link explaining how to manage the kernels in Manjaro (Netrunner Rolling):

I’m using the only kernel I have installed. How can I install another?

Seriously, click on the link I gave.

However, none of our ISO’s came with the 3.17 kernel by default, so this tells me ether you knew how to do it when you changed from the 3.10 or 3.14 kernel to 3.17 or someone else did this for you?

When I updated to 3.17 I has a choice of installed kernels, now I only have the one in use. I tried mhwd-kernel -i linux319 but ultimately I got the same error message.

[root@Netrunner jim]# mhwd-kernel -i linux319
:: Synchronizing package databases…
blueshell 7.9 KiB 1978K/s 00:00 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
core 132.5 KiB 1409K/s 00:00 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
extra 1897.4 KiB 1498K/s 00:01 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
community 2.8 MiB 1920K/s 00:01 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
multilib 141.1 KiB 2.30M/s 00:00 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
The following packages are out of date, please update your system first: archlinux-keyring cmake cpupower dbus device-mapper digikam ffmpeg gd glibc gnupg lib32-glibc lib32-libdbus lib32-libgpg-error lib32-nvidia-utils libcups libdatrie libdbus libdnet libical libkgeomap libmbim libmm-glib libndp libpulse libqmi libthai linux-firmware lvm2 lzo mhwd-nvidia mhwd-nvidia-340xx mkvtoolnix-cli modemmanager nvidia-utils patch perl-error protobuf-c pulseaudio python-psutil python-setuptools speex sudo x265 xorg-server xorg-server-common
Do you want to continue anyway? [y/N] y
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: linux317-nvidia: requires nvidia-utils=343.36

Ah yes, the old issue of the system not being up to date, but you can’t update because of nvidia.

This actually happens quite often with proprietary drivers, here is what to do:

remove the proprietary drivers
reboot using the default kernel drivers (nouveau)
update system
change you kernel/s
re-install the proprietary drivers

I know it seems like a lot but hey I don’t make the drivers.

Thanks for that. It took a while but everything seems to be back to normal (fingers crossed). I removed nvidia and nvidia-utils. Rebooted and was able to re-install the latest. Went through some issues with the correct modules not being loaded. Also, a lot of frustration before I remembered to update Grub. Grub has updated (somewhat) and my system is back in action. For now, I have to amend Grub manually every time I reboot. grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg seems to find 3.19 but the relevant entry still shows 3.17.

You need to run update-grub after grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg otherwise it won’t be updated on the MBR.