[SOLVED] Database error

Since doing a fresh clean install of 2014.09.1, I keep getting an error when running pacman, here’s a typical example:

[martin@sgc ~]$ sudo pacman -Suu [sudo] password for martin: error: duplicated database entry 'bash' :: Starting full system upgrade... there is nothing to do [martin@sgc ~]$
Having said this though, all transactions do seem to complete without problems.
What do I need to do to get rid of this error?

There seems to be a duplicate entry in /var/lib/pacman/local of bash.
Just remove the folder with the older version number from it. You need root rights for that.

Yep, that’s fixed it, thanks.

I got an error while updating bash, I checked /var/lib/local but there is no duplicate of bash folder…Now i get errors in konsole and in pacman (pacman complaining about missing gksu or kdesu).

The folder is /var/lib/pacman/local if you get errors complaining duplicates in pacmans database.
The missing kdesu/gksu is something new to me and not related to the database duplicate.

I just forgot to write “pacman”, but there is no bash duplicate. The octopi error happens after bash update

Seems to be a different issue. So kdesudo is not working anymore ?
Try for example

kdesudo dolphin

nope, every kdesu comand ends with an error

Hmm… maybe it got removed. That would be strange though. Can you try reinstalling it.

sudo pacman -Sy kdebase-runtime
This should be the package were kdesu is located.

As i wrote in previous post I can’t start konsole

The ttys aren’t running aswell ? (CTRL+ALT+F1) ?
I am now suspecting that bash was removed and not installed completely which leads to everything failing.
If the tty is still working somehow try to reinstall bash first.

No, it does not accept my password, I can’t login.

Then I am afraid you bricked your system. The only thing besides reinstalling you can do is booting up a live system and try to install bash from there with pacmans -r option.

pacman -r /path/to/root -Sy bash

Well the one and only update since 2014.09.1 relased and it managed to brake the system. How to apply this update after reinstall? I tried via octopi, it failed, then I reinstalled system and tried via konsole and it failed again :smiley:

Just like stated in the initial post remove the duplicate bash folder in /var/lib/pacman/local before applying any update this should help.

removed the duplicate bash folder in /var/lib/pacman/local now there is no error. This has Indeed resolved the issue. Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile: