[Solved]: Doing all admin tasks through sudo

I am coming to Netrunner Rolling from Kubuntu, where the root account is disabled, and all admin tasks are done through sudo.

During installation of NRR, I was prompted for and gave a root password.

I have subsequently been able to do tasks like upgrading using sudo alone:

sudo pacman -Syu

However, IIRC, when using the KDE partitionmanager or octopi, to name two programs, I find that I am asked for the root password (and using my own, as in sudo, does not suffice).

It will be easier overall for me to remember and use a single password rather than two.

Is there any way by which I might revert to using sudo for all tasks, including KDE partitionmanager, octopi, etc.?


On Ubuntu based systems, the root account is NOT disabled, only the root accounts ability to login (password) is disabled.

If you really wish to lock the root password (login) like Ubuntu does:

Please keep in mind that doing this is not officially supported.

Thanks. I will maintain the status quo.

If all you want is to have GUI apps use sudo, then you can change gksu and kdesu to use sudo instead of su as described in the wiki page without disabling the root password as well.

Thanks. I am now able to use sudo for GUI-based tasks as well.