SOLVED:Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can

hello guys

I’m using netrunner 13.06 64bit , Firefox can’t load websites but other browsers can like google chrome,Konqueror, , any idea
when i got this message “unable to connect” i try loading the page over and over !! someone said to may to check internet connection in firefox settings ? but i don’t know how ? or basically what is the problem with firefox ?

Please first check if under File -> Work Offline is deactivated.
Then also make sure that proxy is disabled in preferences -> advanced -> Connections -> Settings . If you don’t use a proxy you can set no proxy here.

U made my day , yes the problem is proxy settings was enabled in firefox ?! Why is it enabled by default ?!

anyway Thank you

By default it should be set to use the systems proxy settings. So if you enable proxy in kde systemsettings it should use them without setting it manually. In your case somehow either it did not recognized the system settings correctly or was it really set to grep the proxy settings automatically ?