[Solved]: Fuji AX300 digital camera not recognized on plugging in via USB

In the past, my Fuji AX300 digital camera used to be recognized with a popup on the USB connected devices systray icon with an option to open with dolphin or gwenview. This was in Kubuntu with a previous version of Plasma. This does not happen any more.

How do I get access to the images in my camera in a current NRR installation? I would prefer not to install any camera-specific applications as I find gwenview sufficient for my purposes.


Have you rebooted your system since the last set of kernel updates?

Yes, I have. Is there anything in particular that I should check for?

I’m not familiar with that particular camera.
Could there be a setting on it that needs to be changed?
Does that camera use the standard USB drivers or does it use the mtp protocol for drive access?

I am not sure whether the camera uses MTP or PTP, but it did show up as camera:/ in the scheme of things as displayed by the dolphin file manager. Until now, I have never had to set anything up on the camera side for it to be displayed in dolphin. Indeed, apart from selecting battery type, there is very little that I think is settable on the camera that is not strictly camera-related. What is puzzling is that this loss of function is a regression.

Some cameras show up as a normal drive while others use MTP / PTP.
MTP support for dolphin is provided by kio-extras and libmtp.

What does the following command give you when the camera is attached:


You can also check to see if this is an issue with Dolphin 5 itself by loading the older version of dolphin:


However, if it’s showing up in dolphin but not in the device notifier, then you may need to change what device notifier displays. The default for device notifier is to only show removable devices, if you right click on the device notifier and open it’s settings, you can change this setting there to all devices and see if that helps.

If it’s a PTP device (kio / gphoto2) then you might need to install Kamera:

sudo pacman -S kamera

Just for reference here is the link to the Arch Wiki for MTP:

Running libmtp gave me

[code]libmtp version: 1.1.10

Listing raw device(s)
No raw devices found.[/code]

dolphin4 did not recognize the camera. When I typed camera:/ in the editable location bar, it gave me a red background “Invalid protocol” message.

Setting “All devices” on the device notifier showed mounted drives but not the camera, so I reverted to “Removable devices only”.

Installing kamera gave me an instant recognition of my camera via the device notifier, with an “Open with File Manager” option, but when I clicked on it, I got the error message in the attached screenshot.

It appears that I have a PTP camera but that the kio-slave or launcher is not in effect.

Be sure you still have kio-extras installed as well.
You may need to reboot after installing Kamera for it to take effect.

I re-installed kio-extras.

I then re-booted. I think this last step did the trick.

After that, the camera was recognized by dolphin and I am now able to view the images in dolphin. If I can get them to be opened by gwenview, that would be even better. In any case, gwenview will open the images in dolphin: so all is well.

Thank you so much for your timely help because it allows me to share my Christmas photographs. :shy:

Season’s Greetings!

Yea, I have an Iphone with my Christmas pictures, so I have even more hoops to jump through, LOL.
Anyway, you have a very merry Christmas.