[Solved] Gwenview Menu Double entry

Yep didn’t notice before so a recent addition?
Have 2 entries in graphics menu.

One has different arguments then the other.
Wondering Why?

gwenview %U -caption %c %i
gwenview %U

Confusing as didn’t modify or touch gwenview menu entries.
And don’t remember two entries before and would have notice as like my menu’s clean and organized.

Update: Also have two entries for Konsole and Kate


First make sure you only have the 14.12.2-2 versions of those packages installed, if not then uninstall the other versions.
If 14.12.2-2 is the only versions installed then the menu items with just the %U argument are the correct ones, you can remove the others.

Yep gwenview,kate showing 14.12.2-2 and Konsole 14.12.2-1
No other versions showing in Octopi.


Got me haven’t messed with those packages in anyway. Just allowed the system do it’s updates normally.


Then I don’t know what made those menu entries.

I do know that gwenview %U -caption %c %i will give you this:

Could not find drkonqi at /usr/lib/drkonqi Unknown options: c, a, p, t, i, o, n.
so those are not even correct arguments.

Yep strange indeed as just happen and looks like another oversight on other their end.
And yep 1st entry of Gwenview will not launch.

And Konsole lost all it’s settings not remembering size and position to 2nd monitor.
And not matching theme of others see above.


Yes I know about the theme issues, I posted how to fix this issue in this thread:

Well, I just realized you just posted at the end of that thread. :wink:

Let me go ahead and post a quick overview of how to fix this here.

Your going to need to move some files and symbolically link back to them, then Install a couple of support Libraries and plasma 5 themes that matches your KDE 4 themes.

I fixed this by installing these packages:

and then by moving the effected application folders from .kde4/share/apps to .local/share and making symlinks back, I then did the same with ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals to ~/.config/kdeglobals

Just like it describes here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE#Personalization

Thanks for the help a bit of confusion as

Installed frameworkintegration kdecoration oxygen.
moving the effected application folders from .kde4/share/apps to .local/share I just copied folders and pasted into .local/share . Or do I have to get rid of the .kde4/share/apps folders as well?

And don’t know how to do symlinks back?

You would move the folders over In dolphin and then drag them back over but this time select “Link Here” instead of “Move Here”.

Like this:

Think I did it right?

then did the same with ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals to ~/.config/kdeglobals

Which seemed to fixed the issues. Thanks again for all your hard work sharing and helping.
Tho I’m starting to wonder if Netrunner rolling is for me? As each new update seems to be requiring more and more intervention,fixes and manual tweaking. From Octopi not running smoothly without falling back to terminal then what is the point of using Octopi? Or not knowing which Y or N default is valid without in-depth reading and searching for answers in the forums. As don’t have the memory retention to study and memorize and retain all the cryptic command line commands and differences in packages,libraries and differences thereof to make an informed decision.

Think I’ll stick it out waiting for a more cooked in Plasma 5 around the 5.3 or 5.4 mark before switching over.

Just wondering now what other Apps have this affliction?


Well for the most part, Y is always the right answer.

Octopi is only a front end to pacman this is why when user intervention is required it needs to open a terminal.

You could try using the new muon suite 5.2.0 instead, but I would still keep octopi for AUR stuff:

sudo pacman -S community/muon bash-completion

There is only one small issue I’ve found with it is the menu entry needs to be edited for it to launch, the reason will seem familiar to you:

muon-updater %i -caption %c
meedsto be changed to
muon-updater %i

-caption %c are not usable options.

Thanks for the suggestion. Was really wanting to get Apper to work and never did. But remember that you didn’t have an issue getting Apper to work. Which is my favorite since it’s so well integrated and native to the KDE way system tray and has all the right info I need during updating. Like package progress total files to go like 88 of 169 to go totals. Popup tasks can leave open and watch from across the room on total progress and such.

May try getting Apper to run again. Wonder if it is going to be ported over to Plasma 5?

Thanks again for all your support and help. Makes a big difference to my sanity!

I’m build apper now from the AUR, it’s probably going to take a while like all KDE based apps. :wink:
I will tell you how it goes.

Update: Well that didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’ve only done some preliminary testing, like installing and removing packages. nut the real test will be how it handles updates.

Anyway so far it seems stable and works as it should.

Hello, AJSlye, thanks for the link to this discussion :slight_smile:

However, after I moved and sym-linked config files and kdeglobals to new locations, and installed the packages you suggest, I still have an issue with font rendering in the affected apps. I’m not sure what is wrong, text just appears “thin”, which is annoying, especially if this kind of thing is going to happen to more apps with later updates.

This seems to be a known issue,

and yet I couldn’t find any workaround. Maybe I should move/copy some files related to fontconfig?

This is just because of the way KF5 font rendering works, it’s more accurate than KDE SC 4’s was, that’s all.
However, have you logged out and back in since making the modifications?

I just figured out that only the kdeglobals needs to be symbolically linked back, the frameworks applications configuration folders only need to be moved. Also Gwenview is not a frameworks application yet so there is no need to move it’s folder.

In that case, is there a way I make it less accurate? :wink:
But seriously, there must be some config file(s) for KF5 rendering, since it differs from the rest of the system.

I have logged out and back in (in fact, I have rebooted) several times since I made the changes.

Nope, The font rendering in KDE frameworks 5 (KF5) is now handled by QT itself, and QT5 just has better font rendering than the kdelibs font rendering library does.

Oh, I also noticed that kwrite & kate no longer save sessions.

There is a ~/.kde4/share/config/kwriterc file, but I’m not sure if editing it will have any effect, since it’s not read any more, is that right?

I didn’t have kwrite installed but Yes, you would need to move it to ~./config like you did with kdeglobals, only it won’t need to be symbolically linked back. For Kate and Konsole there are 5 files that need to be to move katepartpluginsrc, katerc. katescriptingrc, katesyntaxhighlightingrc and konsolerc, again these don’t need to be linked back.