[Solved] How to add in context menu on desktop make new libreoffice documents

I was testing Frontier LTS to convert someone from XP to Netrunner.On the desktop I saw on right mouse click the entries to make new Libreoffice documents.
Now in Netrunner Rolling this isn’t implemented, is there a way to add those entries?

In Frontier:

You have two options from the AUR that will add the exact same entries:
dolphin-libreoffice-templates: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/dolphin-libreoffice-templates/
kde-servicemenus-newlibreofficedoc: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/kde-servicemenus-newlibreofficedoc/

One is from a the LibreOffice developers and the other is from a KDE developer (mvg).

PS. I would recommend dolphin-libreoffice-templates, this one has a more trusted source and installs faster.

Perfect, right on! Ty very much.

I was surprised a similar service wasn’t available from stock in the Dolphin service downloader.

I agree, however right now with everything moving towards Plasma 5 this wouldn’t be a priority. Besides LibreOffice or someone else would have to submit this for it to be included.