[SOLVED] Installing weather applet

I am trying to install a weather applet. In the past, I have used and come to like the yawp applet either as a widget or plasma addon in Kubuntu. After some searching, I thought I should try

yaourt -S kdeplasma-applets-yawp

and that led to a package build process with enough warnings to dissuade me for now.

What weather applet with functionality like the yawp one is available as standard, or easily built using yaourt for Netrunner Rolling 2015-09?


Yep that was my pick for weather app that no longer works in Plasma 5?
And you would install it in Aur from Octopi. not yaourt which is for the other Manjaro based flavor.

Using the only one for plasma 5 is the one from yahoo.

From the add widget for the panel. Get more widgets.


It appears that another thread was also on yawp:


I sincerely hope yawp makes it soon to Plasma 5. Missing it makes me realize how well-featured it is.

It looks like yawp is no longer maintained (dead project).
The last commit to svn and git was in 2013.

Perhaps not, assuming that this link is not spurious:


Maybe, maybe not. However, the last commit there was back in January.