[SOLVED] issues with compiz

Hi all.

I ve enigma since yesterday on my desktop and everything was working fine unti I ve installed compiz. I wanted to have the cube effect but I didn’t manage to start it. Now when I scroll there is sometimes an unpleasant blurring.

How can I configure compiz or get rid of it and have things like it was before?

Thanks in advance.

Either in muon or in a terminal execute

sudo apt-get purge compiz

Notice: For the cube effect you don’t need compiz. KWin the windowmanager of KDE has effects two and one of them is the cube effect that can be turned on in the systemsettings -> desktop effects.


I ve removed all compiz packets and now it seems to be working normal again. Since I am a newbie I didn’t know that Kwin has similar effects. Even the cube works fine…