[SOLVED]Keyboard layout & display resolution problem (Netrunner 13.12)

Thanks for the best linux (and generally OS) distro i have ever tried till now.
Two things i have noticed in Netrunner 13.12:

  1. I have two keyboard layouts (English for deafult & Greek). After a restart the Greek keyboard layout dissapears and/or the shortcut for keyboard layout changing does not work

  2. When i change the display resolution (through Setting > System Settings > Display) from the default monitor resolution (in my case 1280x1024) to 1400x1050 everything is OK but after a restart the resolution comes back to the monitor default (1280x1024).

So, in a few words, in my case, there are 2 minor problems:

  1. Netrunner “forgets” keyboard layouts
  2. Netrunner “forgets” display resolution

Thanks again for a very strong & beautifull KDE distro.

For 1) Do you have the utility set to display a tray icon with the current layout ? (which should be the default option)
For 2) Did you saved your custom resolution as standard in the configuration utility ?

Thank you very much for your time to answer me.

My answer is yes to both 1) and 2). Anyway, i did a fresh reinstall, this time i leaved the default english language for the installer and for the keyboard, i did a full OS upgrade (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade) and after that i added the Greek layout to the keyboard settings. Now everything works as expected. I did not tried yet the resolution thing though but i will today. Thanks again.