[SOLVED] Latest update to netrunner-desktop fails to install


I’ve tried to install the latest update to the rolling netrunner distribution and it fails with:

$ sudo pacman -Suu :: Starting full system upgrade... :: Replace netrunner-desktop with blueshell/netrunner-desktop? [Y/n] resolving dependencies... looking for inter-conflicts... there is nothing to do

Octopi then keeps telling me an update is available, tries to install it and fails continually like above.

It’s not the end of the world, my system still works OK, but Octopi is constantly highlighted in red in the toolbar so it’s more difficult to tell when other updates are available.


A new version of netrunner-desktop was released today that fixed the issue, you’ll need to do a full re-sync of your mirrors first and then the update should work fine. Unless this is a new install of the current (2014.04) ISO there is no reason to use two u’s, the second one was to allow glamor-egl to downgrade.

You should just need to type:
Sudo pacman -Syyu

The second y tells pacman to re-sync everything skipping all repository checks, normally all that is need to update via the command line is sudo pacman -Syu.

Go well my friend,

I’ve tried the update again and it’s picked up the modified package and updated OK.