[Solved] Launcher How to install Netrunner One

When I installed and did my first Netrunner Rolling update I was left with the classic launcher. How can I install the normal Netrunner launcher? If it is possible? Thank you for your help.

Homerun Kicker should be available as plasmoid.

I wonder what went wrong with your update?

Anyway, to get the default look of Netrunner back (launcher, menu, etc.) just do this:

open up a terminal and type:
cp -R ./etc/skel/* /

you might get a some read errors from mozilla/firefox but those will not effect anything.

next just log out and back in, all should be fixed.

This is what I get:

[cubbybear@Ralph ~]$ cp -R ./etc/skel/* /
cp: cannot stat ‘./etc/skel/*’: No such file or directory
[cubbybear@Ralph ~]$

The command is wrong. (or there is basically a mistake no leading . in front of /etc/skel and please don’t copy its contents to / but to your home folder)
But when it is only about the launcher or app starter please take a look at the plasmoids which are installed by editing the bottom panel adding the homerun kicker plasmoid.
Or you could even remove the panel and add the default netrunner one with an right click.

Wow leszek, I can’t believe I wrote that, I must of been REALLY tired.
It should have been
cp -R /etc/skel/* /home/
or from within your home directory:
cp -R /etc/skel/* .

I apologize, for that everyone.