[Solved] Missing menu entries on 2015.09


I’ve installed 2015.09 and it seemed to go OK. I’ve since added a few packages and some appear in the start menu, but some don’t. For example I’ve added the text editor Geany and its not in any of the menus. I can see the Development sub menu, but that is greyed out/empty - I was expecting it to be in there.

I’m assuming NR is reducing the number of entries in the menus to ‘keep things simple’ - how does it do that ?

My understanding of installing programs. Is some add the entry into the menu. And some don’t bother adding it to the menu. This a function of the application developer to include into menu. Any program that isn’t specific to KDE than there is a higher chance of one not being in the menu.

Since Geany is a text editor using the GTK2 toolkit then a higher chance it won’t include the inserting the menu launcher?

Just guessing here as is what I’ve noticed about installing 3rd party programs. Some insterted menu item others didn’t.
Can right-click menu and edit applications and add your own entry as a workaround.

Can you right-click into the menu and see if you find “Unhide Entries” or something?
Also, you could add another menu in the panel via “Add Widgets” just to see if Geary shows up there.

Adding GTK applications such as Geany works fine in my Manjaro KDE set-up - only Netrunner seems to have issues so I guess its related to their custom menuing system, so I’ve restored the menus to the default state:

Right click on the Menu Icon and select Edit Applications > Edit > Restore to System Menu.

and all the menu entries have now appeared.

It would be good to know how NR filters out entries in their menus.

Yes I’ve noticed this to, I installed git-cola from the AUR and got the same thing, this seems to be effecting only the development category. and yes if you restore to system menu from edit applications or delete this file manually they show up again.
I can’t find what in the menu settings file is doing this.
The file doing this is ~.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu
and can be found also under /etc/skel/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu

I found the issue, in the file I already mentioned there was a misplaced section.

I pushed an updated netrunner-rolling-default-settings package to the repository that fixes this file, smb.conf and some other file permission errors, please update this package and copy the files from etc/skel to your home directory overwriting the files already there.

cp -r ../../etc/skel/. .

You will need to re-work any changes you made to your desktop settings.

Perfect - thats fixed it. Thanks.