(SOLVED) Moving octopi-notifier to main panel?

On Manjaro KDE the octopi-notifier buitton is in main KDE panel.

On Netrunner (after I installed it) it is in the drop down menu off the main panel.

Is there a way to move a button in the drop down menu to the main menu??? i have tried everything and have stalled on this.

By the way, Netrunner + Manjaro base is amazing. Netrunner Rolling has made my distro hopping days disappear.

octopi-notifier is not installed by default in Netrunner Rolling, you’ll need to install it yourself. If you mean the list on the side of the menu those are just links to favorite applications, they can be added and removed by right clicking in the menu.

If you wish to use octopi-notifier make sure you install this version: octopi-notifier-qt4.

Thanks AJSlye, I installed wrong notifier.