[Solved] Netrunner rolling image 2015.09-pre5


I downloaded netrunner rolling image from http://arch.netrunner.com/ISO/netrunner-rolling-2015.09-pre5-x86_64.iso

However I am not able to boot this from USB disk. In the text mode I see following error


I’ve verified the image md5sum and its correct


Hi again,

I recently flashed same USB drive again and it seems it worked this time fine… Sorry for noise


Always check the md5sum before burning the ISO. Also, this ISO uses a hybrid format and overlayfs, so you need to write them to the usb in raw mode. This means you need to use dd, SuSe Studio imagewriter, Manjaro’s own isousb utility or something similar, using applications that partition, format and extract the ISO like unetbootin does, will fail to work properly in one way or another.