[SOLVED]Network really slow on battery


I managed to install Netrunner on my laptop, overall looks great.

I have a problem with the network. It’s very slow when doing network request.
Opening this forum was faster on my phone compared to my laptop.
I tried pinging external address and got many packet loss(more than half).

But after i plugged my laptop adapter, everything back to normal.
Fast internet and no packet loss.

Is this a bug or some battery power saving feature?
If a feature, how can i control this behavior (for example, disable network slow down)?
What else should i check?

Thank you.

Check documentation for powersaving your wireless chip.
Normally this powersaving feature can be turned off by entering the following in the terminal.

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off

wlan0 might be need to be changed to your specific wirless device.
/sbin/iwconfig will show all devices and also the wireless devices. (the ones != no wireless extensions)

Thank you.

Your instructions worked fine.

I’m so glad you have your issue fixed but, could you please mark your original post as solved, thanks in advance.

Go well my friend,