(Solved) No notifications

Hi folks,

since a longer time I didn’t get any notifications from my rolling distro. For example when I start Radiotray it doesn’t display any title or artist name delivered by the stream. How can I bring these messages back on screen?

First make sure notifications are enabled in your application.
Menu > System Settings > Applications and System Notifications

Also For GTK applications make sure you have libappindicator-gtk2, libappindicator-gtk3 and libappindicator-sharp installed as well as lib32-libappindicator, lib32-indicator and libnotify. The reason is that QT4 was been patched upstream (Arch) to work with Plasma 5’s System Tray.

I have check them on my system. There are some lib’s to install but lib32-indicator I haven’t found with Octopi. After install the lib’s the KDE notification didn’t work.

oops my bad, that must have been a typo, what I meant to put was lib32-libindicator.

Do you have sni-qt installed as well?

sni-qt: Qt4 plugin which turns all QSystemTrayIcon into StatusNotifierItems (appindicators)

Okay… :wink:

sni-qt was also lacking at my system. I have install it but nothing changed. The tray icons are animated but no notification service is shown (tested with radiotray). With Thunderbird a notification is poping up but these are the notification from Thunderbird itself.

Did you reboot after installing the libraries?
They won’t be loaded unless you reboot or log out.

Yes, I have reboot the system, but no change. :dodgy:

I’m still getting notifications here, radiotray and dropbox also seem to be working as normal.

Ok, I think I know what is wrong, you have two options here:

Either add the notifications widget to the panel:
Right click on the panel select panel Options > Add Widget, search for Notifications and drag it to the panel where you wish it to be placed.

or add Notifications to the System Tray itself:
Right click on the System Tray in the panel and select System Tray Settings then select General > Extra Items here make sure the radio button next to Notifications is marked.

Hopefully, this will fix your Issue.

Is that simple! :smiley: Now my notifications are back. Thank You Aj…

Your welcome.
Could you do me a favor and put (solved) at the beginning of your original thread title.
Thanks in advance.