[Solved] Plasma 5.6.

Hello. Where can i find settings in plasma 5.6 to use a new feature of plasma 5.6?

What exactly are you looking for ?

Yes, which new feature?

I looking for preview status copy the file in panel, and media controls on panel when i use vlc or another media player.

Isn’t that working for you?
It should be enabled by default

No, it’s not working.

If you mean the task progress for applications right in the task manager then you’ll need to use Task Manager in the panel
To get the new album art and media controls in tool tips, you’ll need to re-enable the global tool tips.

For task manger: Right click on expanding icons task manager, select alternatives and switch this to Task Manager.

For the global tool tips: Go into system settings > Workspace Behaviour > Workspace and turn back on Show Informational tips.

Thanks. Now it’s working perfect.