[Solved] Plasma 5 Doesn't see dual monitors

Yep shutdown last night everything fine.

Now booted up twice and display settings only sees one monitor. Dvi-0 and not 2nd monitor VGA-0.
Stuck in clone mode across both screens. How can it clone if it doesn’t see 2nd monitor?

Any help is appreciated. And am using whatever is the default open driver for my Ati-4350 card.

Was working and saw both monitors fine, Tho last night the Teletubbies came out of the walls while I was sleeping.
Maybe they did something while I was dreaming?

Update: Strange behaviour As booted back up and still same problem. Then for giggles dragged the
only viewable DVI-0 and lo and behold the VGA-0 was underneath. They had somehow stacked on each other. Pulled the VGA-0 to the left of DVI-0 and now it’s normal again.

I still think it was the Teletubbies that did it while I was sleeping. As they are so creepy and sneaky.