[solved] SMPlayer, VLC does not play commercial Video DVD's/Blue-rays

SMPlayer does not play commercial Video DVD’S / Blue-rays discs. What can I do to solve this issues. General question: which codecs are preinstalled in Netrunner desktop 19.01 for audio and video?

Thank you.

We pretty much ship all audio & video codecs that ffmpeg and libav support.
DVD playback should be possible with ** libdvdread4** that should come preinstalled.
Additionally the package libdvd-pkg should download and install libdvdcss on install.

When it comes to Blu-Ray its a lot harder. There is a solution based upon the MakeMKV shareware. But it needs a registration key to work successfully. Playback of non encrypted Blu-Rays (if you find any) should be possible out of the box.