[SOLVED] System Settings -> Account Det. -> Password... - Freezes on applying changes


I’m trying to change my name under account settings (currently it’s “manjaro”), but window just freezes after I enter password to apply changes, I have to force close it. Anyone else having same behaviour? How do I troubleshoot this.

This is not supported. You cannot change the username.

I’m not changing my username, just Name, Picture, Email, etc. describing my account (Under User Information), just now it seems to be broken for me. Or is this whole tool “Not supported?” may be there are some command line tools to do this, I’ll look around. I’m trying to be positive here, I’m not changing my distribution just for this minor thing, other distributions have their own quirks. I love idea of this linux being on bleeding edge yet stable, I love google/facebook integration and steam as default :).

Ah ok I thought you meant the username which is possible but not when you are logged in.
As for Full Name of the User and Picture and E-Mail. This is then definitely a bug in this configuration tool.
But as for almost ever problem with a gui there is a working solution on the commandline.

sudo usermod -c "New Real Name" username

Changes the Full User Name / Real Name of the user with username

The picture of the user is only used in the login manager as far as I know. Setting a hidden png image file in your home directory called .face should set the users avatar image.

When it comes to E-Mail I am not sure were this is saved or even used.
Sorry if my last post sounded too harsh.

I hope I did not sound harsh too, Thank you for a console tip. It’s great to have such willing to help community support, one more reason to ditch windows. Now where’s that kudos button :slight_smile:

The problem appears to be with the default email Identity set up for the fist user during install, all new users created/added on the installed system do not have this issue.

To fix this issue delete both ~/.kde/share/config/emaildefaults and ~/.kde/share/config/emailidentities, next open up kmail and rename the default identity, this will change it in System Settings -> Account Details. now you can edit everything there as normal, or in kmail, either way will work.

PS. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that kmail does not show up in the Homerun Kicker menu, to open up kmail you will need to open a terminal, or use alt+f2 and type in kmail.

KMail can be access via Internet --> Kontact

OK, however you get there, personally since I actually use kmail, I like to have a launcher in the tray, so i opened it via alt-F2 and made the launcher visible when it’s not running. Also, I don’t wan’t to see my contacts all the time. But i guess for the purposes here that would be sufficient as well, LOL…

Thank you, editing default identity in kontact seems to have fixed the freeze. Much appreciate your help.

Not a problem, this is why I’m here.

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