[SOLVED] Unresponsive mouse


I have experienced a peculiar bug lately. Don’t know if it was associated with any of the recent updates though.

For some reason my mouse had become unresponsive.

When trying to use it right after firing up Netrunner, the arrow is just stuck at the middle of the screen.
If I left or right click I will get a menu as expected the mouse then “wakes up” and works normally. If I leave it be for a short while it then becomes again unresponsive with the arrow just stuck.

If I unplug the mouse (USB) and then just plug it back in it works again and does not become unresponsive until I restart the system. I have experienced this every single time with all my recent start ups.

Anyone know what could be the reason?

Actually I think this also effects my keyboard. I have been typing in my password wrong almost every single time lately, till I realized that it does not register the first keystroke, however, it does not seem to become unresponsive again in contrast to the mouse.

I experienced this only on my desktop not my laptop that runs Netrunner as well.


Seems like USB powersaving is kicking in and turning these devices of or in deep sleep after a certain time.
There is a wiki entry here that might help you finding the right configuration files to tweak tlp (the powermanagement infrastructure): https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TLP

I have had exactly the same problem on two Netrunner Rolling installs, but not with my own. It only started two or three weeks ago. I have replaced Rolling with Frontier for both my family members and have had no further problems. One of the computers was dual booting with Linux Mint which didn’t have the problem.

Ubuntu based distros don’t use tlp yet.

Netrunner Rolling switched to using TLP instead of laptop-mode-tools starting with the 2014.09 ISO. TLP has better defaults than LMT, especially for connected USB devices. LMT also requires quite a bit more configuring than TLP. If you installed your system with the 2014.04 ISO it is highly recommended that you make this change yourself.

Here are the commands needed:

sudo systemctl disable laptop-mode.service
sudo pacman -R laptop-mode-tools
sudo pacman -S tlp tlp-rdw
sudo systemctl enable tlp
sudo systemctl enable tlp-sleep.service
sudo systemctl start tlp

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I will give it a try to change to tlp, was contemplating on doing it anyway. I did the change myself on my laptop but not on my desktop yet. Will try it out tomorrow and see if that would resolve it. Still funny that it happened all of the sudden though, I haven’t been tinkering around with any settings in the lap-mod-tools…

The latest updated package of LMT changed it’s default behavior, but since LMT is no longer Manjaro’s default they just didn’t catch it in time.

This issue only effect’s systems that we’re installed prior to the Netrunner Rolling 2014.09 snapshot release.

TLP is now the default on both the Manjaro 0.8.10 based Netrunner Rolling 2014.09 ISO’s as well as the Manjaro 0.8.11 snapshot releases going forward.

But since this is a rolling release distribution, once you make the switch yourself you shouldn’t need to worry about it again. Well at least not until something better comes along that replaces it. :wink:

I just changed to tlp and it seems to work, at least the first restart after installing it did not show any unresponsiveness of the mouse/keyboard.

Funny thing though, today even before installing tlp the mouse/keyboard were OK. However, since I had before one single boot that mouse/keyboard were OK but then went back to being stuck every other boot recently, I did the change to tlp anyway.