[Solved] Yakuake after today upgrade dont work.


I have some problem with yakuake. After today upgrade i try yakuake run from icon on the panel. I see this:

usr/share/application/kde4/yakuake.desktop file doesn’t exist. Can you help me? Its work when i use shortkey F12.

That’s because yakuake version 3.0.2 has been ported to KF5 (KDE Frameworks).
You’ll need to remove that icon widget from the panel and re-add a new one.

Note: You’ll need to close yakuake for the new widget to work.

Ok, but how can i do this?

To remove the old icon widget just click on the hamburger at the end of the panel, hover over the icon widget for Yakuake, and click on the x. To add a new yakuake icon widget just drag and drop Yakuake from the menu to the panel where you want it to be.

I can’t drag and drop icon from menu (i use dashboard). But i try with classic menu, also don’work.

That’s strange, drag and drop works fine for me.
Is it the drag and drop not working, or the icon after drag and drop?
If it’s the later, then you need to close yakuake first before the new icon widget will work.

I think that drag and drop dont’ work. I can’t move the icon from dashbord (and classic menu) to the panel.

Yes, I just checked and dag and drop does not work from kickstart or kickstart dashboard, it does work from kicker. I’m not sure what you mean by classic menu though, classic menu from KDE4 no longer exists under Plasma 5.

Since you can’t drag and drop, just right click on the icon in the menu and select “Add To Panel”, you can then open the panel using the hamburger button and move it where you would like it to be.

Many thank’s. It’s work now:). But i have first add yakuake to favorites and then add to panel. Now it’s work perfect. I love netrunner rolling and i love this forum.

No problems, I’m glad it’s fixed for you.
Could you please add (Solved) to the beginning of the original thread posts title to make this fix easier to find.