some misc. questions about netrunner

…that is, if anyone doesn’t mind satisfying my curiosity.

I have to say, I’ve never really heard of this distro before, and I go through a lot of KDE-related stuff. It seems interesting, but I do wonder about the future of this distribution :open_mouth: (no offence intended). I know this is sponsored by blue systems, but who is developing this? I only see starbuck around the forums, which seem mostly empty…how old/young is this distro?

The design choices seem interesting, though, and the unique themes are very nice. I’ve never seen these themes or wallpapers around, where did they come from? I know there are thousands of themes and backgrounds but some of them seem related to netrunner.

Also…why is this distro called netrunner? haha random question :slight_smile: It’s also the name of a card game, I think.

Lastly: other than the aesthetics, codecs, and many apps, what else does netrunner do differently than other KDE/Ubuntu distros? Like maybe things a regular user wouldn’t notice?

All this is just curiosity, I hope nobody minds…ignore this if you think it’s annoying :slight_smile: I just got curious, since it looks like well-supported distribution (the website is really nice, and the content seems like it’s marketing linux to newbies…the language has a “corporate” feel to it, for some reason) but all is quiet in the forums and in other news sites. I think you guys deserve more attention :slight_smile: