Some odd Mouse and GRUB Bugs

I had been using 13.06, which I thought was great, until it became very slow for some reason. I switched to 13.12 when it was released and have been happy for the most part. I do have an issue with some of the customization however, which I’m hoping to solve. Basically my problems are these:

  1. Cursor: I change my cursor theme in the input devices in system settings, but the theme is not universal, as it goes back to the default cursor inside such applications as Firefox, Thunderbird, and in Chromium it is like a “hybrid” - the regular cursor is the one I chose, but when I hover above and click links, it acts differently than the Oxygen theme I picked. Consistency across the board would be nice. Also, I choose to enable clicking on my touch pad (I am using a laptop) and hit apply, and it will work for a while, but then it goes back to not working after I have used the other mouse buttons on my keyboard (I have the kind that has built in mouse keys, when I press one, the tapping feature stops working).

  2. In 13.06, I had set up the start-up to include a picture of mine along with a transparent window, which I thought was really cool. I’ve done all the same steps in 13.02, but when I boot up my computer, these changes are not there: I still get the basic loader screen…

  3. My Widgets: I have one virtual desktop dedicated to widgets. I’ve arranged them and resized them in such a way that I enjoy. Unfortunately, whenever I log off and then back on, they resize themselves and overlap each other. I’ve locked them, but this does not help. Any way to resize so they stay that way or do I have to rearrange every time I boot in?

have you updated KDE to which version?

Did you try restarting the desktop after changing the cursor ?
It should be consistent then.
However the underlying system for setting cursor themes is a complete mess (every application + toolkit and what not ever can change the cursor theme to their liking)

Are you talking about the Bootscreen (plymouth) or the login screen (ksplash shown after login during loading time of desktop) ?

Do you use a multimonitor setup ? If yes this might be the problem here.
When running on one monitor only it should save the absolute geometry of the plasmoids. It can’t of course save those changes on resolution change.

1- I have restarted, yes, but still having the cursor issues.

2-Boot screen (plymouth/GRUB), not login screen, sorry

3 - Single monitor-just using my laptop. I do have dual boot, as this is also a Windows issued laptop from my university, but I don’t understand how it doesn’t just save my settings.

Thats strange please check if sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme and choosing the your cursor theme here works for you. If you use a custom cursor that is not showing in here you need to add it.
See the manpage (man update-alternatives) for instructions on how to do that.

Again you need update-alternatives to configure the default.plymouth theme.

sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth.
After that you need to update the initrd (which is the small initializing system which loads the actual Netrunner system and also displays the boot screen)

sudo update-initramfs -u

Can you confirm that with a new user ?
Do you use multiple activities (e.g. META+Q allows you to see all activities)

1 - That seems to work. Still getting white cursor in Firefox, but I have been seeing elsewhere this is a firefox issue?

2 - When I type in the first code it shows “nothing to configure” :
There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth (providing /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth): /lib/plymouth/themes/netrunner-logo/netrunner-logo.plymouth

3 - What do you mean confirm with a new user? It’s a personal computer that only I use. I haven’t set up any other activity sessions, as I am a fan of the desktop cube.

I don’t have this issue with Firefox Nightly.

2 - When I type in the first code it shows “nothing to configure” :
There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth (providing /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth): /lib/plymouth/themes/netrunner-logo/netrunner-logo.plymouth[/quote]
Then the other plymouth themes are not registered see the manpage of update-alternatives on how to add new options to default.plymouth


I don’t think you you know what activities are. If META+Q only shows one active actitvity then everything should be alright.

What is MetaQ? I was under the impression Activities were similar to desktop sessions, which you can swtich between by using the Activities button (three circles: red, blue, green). If this is the case I only have one activity going.
In terms of the boot screen, in 13.06, I just changed that in my System Settings under the Startup and Shutdown and going into the GRUB2 Bootloader options and selecting an image and changing the text settings, which I have done in 13/12, but the changes do not take place. Wondering why this happens, as I’ll change other things in System Setting, like allowing tapping on the touch pad, hitting apply, seeing it work, and then it goes back to normal and I have to go in and change the settings again, as they don’t actually save…

Which KDE version do you have running ? Did you update Netrunner ?

I’m using NetRunner 13.12, which I updated using Muon Package Manager, and KDE 4.11.3