Some Point Need to re-install New Plasma 5 ISO?

Just wondering if at some point will have to do a Clean install of Plasma 5?
As much changes coming down the pike to reach 5.4.

And wonder if indeed need a new clean install. Does that include wiping separate /home partition?
Just popped into my head and wanted to be informed instead of surprised out of the blue.


The new ISO’s that will be coming out are now made using the official Manjaro tools instead of the old method of modifying an existing ISO from manjaro. This means that I can now build a new ISO every 3 months or so without waiting on an official Manjaro release. I also changed the way in which the Netrunner specific packages and default settings are handled so that they won’t effect any changes made by the end user from one snapshot release ISO to the next.

While you can continue to roll on your existing system, you will occasionally have some issues with updates in the future as the netrunner packages in the old blueshell repository are no longer updated, and have dependencies that either no longer exist or conflict. You’ll also need to move your hidden config files from their ~/.kde4 locations, to the ~/.config and ~/.local folders in your home directory or you’ll loose their settings. This applies mostly to all KDE applications as they are ported to KF5, for the up coming KDE Applications 2015.08 release these would include dolphin, the KDE PIM suite, and some of the KDE games, etc. You may also have some issues with updates as the old netrunner rolling repository will no longer recieve updates.

However, if you wish to follow along with the new development model and use the new netrunner rolling repository then a fresh install will be needed. Now, if you decide to go this rout but decide to back up and restore your home folder, then the same changes would still need to be performed as described above for the KDE Application releases.

Here is a list of the changes in KDE Applications 2015.08: