Sound clipping

Greetings all!

Linux virgin here, so I’ll ask that you forgive my ignorance in advance. Netrunner’s the first (and only, to date) linux distro I’ve installed, running on a dual boot with XP. (Chances are I’ll ask follow-up questions about stuff that seems basic or elementary to you, but I tend to pick up stuff pretty fast and I’ll avoid unnecessary spamming in the thread.)

I installed Enigma a couple of days ago and I’ve been toiling to find a solution to a sound problem: anything I play with sound produces irregular clipping, an annoying effect which seems directly related to the volume at which the application is set. Same happens in both Firefox and Chromium (where I first noticed the problem and attempted to load with an increased buffer, to no avail).

Sound card is onboard Realtek ALC662, output is HDA. I don’t have any problem of the sort when running Windows XP and am inclined to deduce the issue is not related to faulty hardware.

I browsed as much as I could for a solution and toyed around a bit unsuccessfully (I don’t really know what I’m doing), to the extent of installing PulseAudio. No good news there.

I’m sure there’s information I should be providing which I haven’t yet, but I’m all ears (well, eyes) to any suggestions, information and/or instructions.


It could be that your PCM mixer (see kmix [the sound icon in the tray]) is set too high. Does it clip when yo set the volume lower for PCM ?

Hello there, and thanks for the reply!

It decreases to a significant degree (what I meant by “an annoying effect which seems directly related to the volume at which the application is set” above). It doesn’t go away completely, however. It definitely still occurs in video with high-pitched voices, for example, or with intonation, at least every so often. Perhaps it seems so different to me because it isn’t an issue in Windows (similar volume without altering the speakers’ physical volume knobs), but it feels like it’s some sort of codec or driver issue. That said, I’m pretty making assumptions based on minimal knowledge of anything, which isn’t the best quality in troubleshooting.

I’ve also noticed that when it occurs, the PCM mixer’s “slider” actually jumps upward for a split second.

Maybe there is another mixer set to 100% that might cause the problem.

Could this be the case “out of the box”, as it were? If so, how would I go about looking for it? Any suggestions?

Depending on the kernel and your hardware it could be even out of the box set too high.