Sry for Off Topic, just wanted to say...

A massive huzzah to the Netrunner Rolling and Manjaro devs. I have to say Netrunner Rolling has been and is a pleasure to deal with.
After updating to the newer kernel everything including FN-buttons work perfectly. There are two tiny grey clouds on my sky, one which is due to my own incompetence and the other which I know probably can be solved but I’ve been to lazy to look into properly yet: Nvidia-Prime and the Audio. The Nvidia thing is just because I liked Prime since then I knew without a doubt that the nvidia card was turned off (I don’t need it) and the other is that the sound is a bit tinny, except when I use headphones, which I usually do anyway and when I plug them in I have to manually change to headphones in the audio-settings.

I had a little snag with the latest update but one quick check here and in the awesome Manjaro community (all thumbs up to you guys to for having such a nice community) and the issue was cleared up (the sollution was that I had to do the update in terminal).

So far this has been awesome, the Blue Shell team has slapped on a ton of great features and the Manjaro team has come to the rescue with a lovelly distro and the Arch gang has made a brilliant OS! This is me virtually high fiving all three groups including their communities.