SSD Issues

Sata mode was set as AHCI in BIOS, and I installed under AHCI…
I tested if TRIM was working, and it was…
But when I check KInfocenter it said that BUS was IDE…

here`s screenshot…

DId you check the speed of the drive ? Is it limited to IDE max speed or not ?
I would guess maybe Kinfocenter did not detect it properly.
What would be also intersting if you even still have IDE connectors or not.

I thought, I replied to this yesterday, but I don’t see it.
Kinfo is just general information and not very good IMO.
If I pull it up, I get the same thing and all my drives are AHCI.
First, there was IDE, then EIDE, and you can think of AHCI as EIDE, with “sugar on top”.
That’s NCQ and faster speed.
Your BIOS, AHCI is “gospel”, what it really is, and kinfo, is just, general information.
Your are fine.:):slight_smile: