Starter in panel disappear (solved)

My starters disappear, when I put the panel on the left screen side.
Have a look at the screenshots.

Maybe a visual glitch. Did you try resizing the panel after moving it to the left ?

Yes, of course.

I can confirm this. But resizing the panel to be larger makes the icon appear again. However the placement is still a little bit odd.

Nun gut, das kann ja so nicht bleiben. Ich habe mal von der kleinsten Breite des Panels ein Screenshot gemacht.

Fix is on the way.

Okay, thank you for the information.

Update: Update of expanding-icon-taskmanager should be available soon in the repository to fix this issue.
Thank you for reporting that bug and helping us improving Netrunner.

[color=#000080]Thanks, the update was installed today. Did not have that problem but it is not too sure.[/color]

The update solved the problem, thanks a lot.