Starting full system upgrade:issue with Octobi

I have installed Netrunner Rolling 2014.09 in my Dell Inspiron laptop. System is installed and running. When I try to update the syatem with ‘Octobi’, I am getting the following error and could not proceed further. I have searched with Google but could not find any solution
":: Starting full system upgrade… :: intel-dri: requires mesa=10.2.7 :: lib32-intel-dri: requires lib32-mesa=10.2.7 "
Can anybody help with a possible solution?

This is a known issue, this update requires user intervention that the GUI update managers can’t handle automatically, at least not yet.
You will needs to be run the update from the command line:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-system pacman sudo pacman -Syu

FYI: I make an update announcement with every update release, if there are issues like this one, that information will be provided in the post, this is to avoid posts like yours from ever being necessary.

Please, next time wait to read my update announcement before running the update:

Thank you very much for the quick reply. That resolved the issue. From next time, I will wait for the announcement before running the update.

Most updates do run very smoothly using octopi, it’s just the occasional core system changes that can at times require user intervention to complete. This is unfortunately just the nature of a rolling release model, I do however believe that the Manjaro team does do a very good job at keeping these to a minimum.