strange issue with system time

I installed the rolling release on my test machine without problems.
I have windows and now 3 Linux installs. It’s easier and better for me, with several OS’s to set the all to Local time.
When I login in with Netrunner rolling, it comes up with UTC time, even though I set it up to be US-Pacific time.
I tied to set the time in system settings but if refuses to take the root pass word, but it eventually changed anyway.
Pacman takes my root pass word, but not the time in system settings.
Then I discovered it changed my hardware clock. I changed that back to local time.
Then I discovered that the time on the login screen and the system clock go back to displaying the local time, after running for several minutes
Anyone else have this behavior?
Can I set the system time with the date command without altering the hardware clock.
I want to leave the hardware clock alone.
If so, what is the syntax for the date command. An example, Please. The more I read the man page for date, the more confused I get and it seems to differ with different distros.
I don’t want to use the time server, nor want it set to UTC, just local Pacific time.

The date command shoudn’t change the hardware clock (hwclock is repsonsible for this).
Example date command:

date --set "27 Apr 2014 10:24:00"

This needs to be executed as root though.

I hope it works for you. If you only want to change the time you can remove the date stuff in aboves example.