System hangs

I apologize if i missed something. However after I updated the machine today, I am having strange problems. The machine won’t show the login screen, ie the rotating loading icon would just freeze. If it does load then the machine will randomly freeze within moments. Where should I start to diagnose?

Try rebooting without the splash quiet in the linux boot line. You can edit this line in the bootloader by pressing e on the Netrunner Rolling boot entry and then navigate with the arrow keys to remove those two options and use Ctrl+X in the editor to boot with the removed options.

This should give you a detailed bootup message code running around your screen :slight_smile:
Just tell us on what messages it hangs. (Perhaps you can take a shot with a camera/smartphone of it)


It says

[ok] Started zram based swap
Started wait for plymouth boot screen to quit
Started Terminate plymouth boot screen
[ok] Started login service
[ok] Started network manager

I tried to move on to tty2 and then startx, no avail - it says … server already running (EE) fata server error …

Please help.

Edit : I have NVIDIA card, and after killing nvidia-utils, it seems to be working again. But i want to use nvidia - how do i do so?

Hmm… so a graphicsdriver issue. Do you use any proprietary ones?

Sorry dumb question - how do I know that ?

Did you install nvidia or fglrx(catalyst) drivers?

The Nvidia ones, linux41-nividia and nvidia-utils.

OK, Perform an update.
There have been some issues with the latest drivers from Nvidia.
The Nvidia drivers have now been downgraded upstream Manjaro in their latest update-pack.

Thank you

Today, the system burnt down completely - a total hardware failure.

Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that.
Do you mean that actual smoke come out of it?
If so, that really sucks.

No, but it overheated, and melted some solderings … in the middle of me planning the week - couldn’t even wait for 10 minutes.