tar.gz files

Hi All
I tried to install a program , acetoneiso, using octopi but it has come in as a tar. file. The check box in octopi is green but not checked. How do I go about installing from here?

Do you mean acetoneiso2?

If you downloaded it from the acetoneiso website then you have a source code file and not an install-able package.

you would first input acetoneiso2 in the search field of octopi then right click on the listing and select Install, a pop up window will appear if there are any optional dependancies, if you wish to install those as well then check mark them otherwise leave them unchecked and click OK, that will ques it for installation. Next at the top of Octopi click the grean check to commit the install and follow any additional steps.

Thank you for your reply.
I have done all that you have mentioned & i still don’t have acetoneiso2 installed.
I apologise for not knowing where to post my queries & I am sorry if I stepped on anyones toes.

Thank you again

Sorry, I was having a brain fart. lol :slight_smile:

If the box is green then it is already installed installed, it should be in your menu under Multimedia.