Task manager difficulties - thumbnails

I’m missing some task manager functionality; maybe someone can help me through this. I cannot seem to get task grouping with thumbnails to properly function.

  1. Task Manager (Right-click Taskbar) settings >Grouping >By Program Name >Uncheck “only when taskbar is full”
  2. System Settings >Desktop Effects >All Effects >Taskbar Thumbnails on hover (v0.1.0)

This works perfectly in NetRunner 4.1/KDE 4.7.4 & Mint KDE
But not 12.12/KDE 4.9.3
And not 12.12.1/KDE 4.9.4

Any suggestions? I’d rather not use the Icon-Only task manager.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

In reading, it looks some functionality since KDE 4.7.4 has been removed/upgraded (upgraded, but different). For example, some guy was trying to get “present windows” to function as it had been, but is not there. Maybe the same situation with Taskbar Thumbnails & 4.9.4. If this is the case, it should be removed from the system settings if it has been stripped out.

Too bad, Taskbar Thumbnails on hover was a great feature in my book.