telepathy-kde-call-ui 0.9.0-2 ???'s

If I am semi-understanding what I have read so far…

[color=#0057ae]telepathy-kde-call-ui[/color][color=#e55451] 0.8.1-1[/color] 0.9.0-2

This cannot be upgraded to the new version?

Is it fine to just ignore it?
Is there a way to hide the update like you can do in Windows?

Thank you,

Why can’t it be updated?
Did you disable or remove the blueshell repository from your pacman.conf file as I suggested in other threads?

ok…It was a fresh install. I am moving my kids over to Netrunner one by one.

So far I did the install and followed the directions from the first link you posted.
this one…

I thought that was all…I will follow the directions in the rest of your threads
and post back when I am done. Thank you :smiley:

ETA: Already stuck here… NVM…I figured it out with nano something.

  1. Move the blueshell repository to the bottom of your pacman.conf file right before custom.
    I strongly recommend using octopi version 0.6.0 or higher repository editor for this.

I followed through everything and its a no go.
telepathy-kde-call-ui 0.8.1-1 0.9.0-2
It wont upgrade.
I dont even know if it really matters or not…
the kids do use alot of that video chatting stuff though

I apologize, 0.9.0-2 is only available from the AUR currently, if you need this, you need to install all of the base-devel packages for this to compile from the AUR properly.

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Select all and then yes to replace gcc-multilib with gcc, etc.