The Deal with Steam?

Haven’t run it in awhile. And after migrating to Plasma 5 the icon is there but doesn’t load. Also running steam from terminal command not found.

Other Arch sites talking Steam in root /usr/bin but don’t see it there. But do have a .Steam folder in home.

So something I’m not aware of?
As looking at Octopi doesn’t show it installed.
There is a Steam-manjaro. But it also wants to install 59 additional packages weighing in at 77mb.

Something fishy? As don’t remember anything about removal of steam?
Could be my sporadic neurons lost a charge to a few memory bits tho.

Steam-manjaro is the official way of getting steam installed on your system.
The Steam client is a 32bit application, so yes there are quite a few multilib dependencies when installing onto a 64bit system, this package also installs the steam libs from Ubuntu in a container for those applications that refuse to run on the newer native libraries.

Ahhh thanks for the info. I assumed the thread to migrate to Plasma 5 from 4 removed it?
Tho leaving behind the Icon and .steam folder in home led to confusion on my part.

And assume it will run fine in Plasma 5. Tho concerned Steam doesn’t seem to be willing to keep it’s client of Linux up to date? Or expand beyond Ubuntu?

Again thanks for the info and guess will have to take the sloppy seconds hits to file system if I want Steam installed.


When you launch the steam client for the first time it will install/update itself into your home directory, this is normal. There are however two launchers, one for using the native libs from Manjaro, and one for using the Steam (Ubuntu) libs. There is also another launcher for cleaning up Steam of any known buggy libs installed in the steam directory.