The installer isn't working from Live USB

I ran the USB Live and every thing working well but when I click “Install Netrunner” icon on the desktop it show icon in the task bar like it will running then it hide and no thing happen>

please help

Did you check the md5sum on the ISO?
How did you write the ISO to the USB?
Unetbootin or other utilities that extract the ISO onto a writable file system can not be used for the Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) ISO’s, they need to remain a DVD file system:

I used USBWriter on Windows

I checked the md5sum now, actually no it isn’t same
this my iso md5: 3cd9b237a7f0416921480ec6697a13ee
and this yours: 8cf819f04b180ff887e215a896f5aad0
I don’t know why they defferent!

I downloaded the iso from this link

What I should do?

That means that you used a corrupt ISO image, possibly had the download fail at some point, you’ll need to re-download the ISO and rewrite your USB stick.

Ok, thank you for your fast responding.

I’ll try to re-download the iso file again.

To save yourself some time, and aggravation, the first thing you should do after downloading the ISO is to check the file size and then the MD5sum.

32Bit ISO: Size 2.3 GB · MD5: 8cf819f04b180ff887e215a896f5aad0
64bit ISO: Size 2.0 GB · MD5: 68f97f93ae5808722317ec8e8b3c9fe7