The volume ajustment can't stay like that

Very sad is the flaw, that the voulme-adjusment in the “Status&Notifications”-widged is ansolitary KMix-Dialog, floating on its own, en plus, and (!) don’t have a “vanish-button” or kind (!) at all.

But to that is more:
[*]- Someone messed up the rigth Event to trigger the volume change, it seems:
the vokume applies only by “onClick”, not by “OnChange”. That way you can’t change the volume by scrolling. But I really want the volume to “sroll”… would be nice to get fixed.

[*]- The volume-bar lays in an uncomfortable and unexpected position: In every Programm avilable, the
volumebar is vertical. But there’s Kubuntu to blame too…

[*]+ One volume-widged would be enough:
Wouldn’t it be nice, to have a (vertical !) array of volumebars (without subgrouping !!) that is used embeddet in “Status&Notifications” and in the solitary widged in common (for example in an Objectoriented way) ?
'–> make visible spacers between the bars, to separate the Main, applicational, and input -volumes.

[*]+ It would be nice to show the actual soundlevel as an underlay of the bar, to visualize what volume really is running through this channel. The themporal lengt of the visualisation should be determined by:
bar length as 100% channel volume; sound_volume(t) = leveled output volume of the channel (themporal)
levellength(t) = bar_length / sound_volume(t)
Nice Day,

In the long run Kmix is gonna replaced by plasma-volume-control it will become a part of modern kmix.
We ship a quite early version of it.
Kmix is left there and by default hidden in a submenu only because of the osd and default keyboard shortcuts for raising or lowering the volume.

I think the plasma 5 team is doing a great job to improve in this field as seen by the volume adjustment kcm.

Though I have to disagree on some points with you. I also still see improvements that can and should be made.

Yes, in cases of “look & feel” there is always space for divese points of view … I mentioned some, because I think not to be to far off the main. :slight_smile:

But it’s nice to know, that we can await some new and fancy stuff - I was just afraid, it could have been droped from scedule by accident…