Thinking of switching from Kubuntu to Netrunner


came across Netrunner recently and from what I read here and there it looks quite neat. Since it’s based on Kubuntu, what exactly are the differences between Kubuntu and Netrunner?

Are there many differences, or just a couple small ones?

Also since it’s based on it, are Kubuntu and Netrunner .deb files binary compatible?

I need to redo my work laptop at some point, currently it’s running Kubuntu 12.04 LTS, and am pondering if I should go again with Kubuntu or switch to Netrunner. Is there anything else I should be aware of before switching?

Does the installer offer the option, like with the *buntus, to encrypt your home partition?
Will Netrunner also have LTS releases? Are their EOLs same as those of Kubuntu?
There any further information available yet if Netrunner will go with Wayland or with Canonical’s Mir? (I know, it’s still fairly early :wink: )
How easy is it with Netrunner to get stuff like VLC and audacious playing with media files? Separate media repository, or all within main Netrunner repositories?



So I slapped a VM up for Netrunner to have a look around. Looks neat, though I tend to generally adjust all forms of KDE to look as I want, with various themes and all.

Looking at the apt source lists, there are still a bunch of dependencies on Kubuntu. While both are pretty much by Blue Systems nowadays, will there be a transition at some point where Netrunner will be fully independent from Kubuntu (other than being based on it, but not requiring Kubuntu sources), or will it always have this dependency?



Hi rsciw,

we are thinking of different directions, especially regarding the recent talk about Mir and Rolling Releases.
It is safe to assume though that the upcoming 13.06 and 13.12 ISOs will be based on Kubuntu as normal.
2014 could be different by then.

Cool, cheers for the reply :slight_smile:

There a place where I can throw in feature requests?



It’s right here: