Thunderbird opens URL links in a new FF window

In RC I complained about a new Firefox window being opened each time you click an URL link in an external app (Telephaty, Thunderbird, Ocular, Dropbox). This has been resolved in Telephaty, Ocular and Plasma Widgets, but Thunderbird still opens a new window and Dropbox opens Konqueror.

I think Thunderbird does not recognize KDE mimetypes, same with dropbox, though we might investigate more if this is fixable.

Thanks! I wouldn’t be bragging if those things would be something expected, but in Netrunner 4.2 they worked fine.

I have installed Chromium Browser from the repositories and set it the default browser. It works fine. All the URL’s, regardless if I click in Thunderbird, Telepathy KDE or Plasma Widgets are opened as new tabs in an existing window.
If you set Chromium to use the GTK theme it even looks okay :smiley: