touchpad tapping

Live session tapping is ok. After installation and starting Netrunner 12.12, logging in account and tapping works for few seconds and after that just stops. I have to open system settings and activate touchpad tapping manually. it is really weird. How can I resolve this?

That’s strange. I’ve never had any trouble on my laptop. What brand/model are you using?

You didn’t accidentally press a key to disable the touchpad? I think there’s an option to ‘disable touchpad while typing’ somewhere (not on my laptop now, so can’t check).

HP DV9000.
No I didn’t disable anything. Same happens even when I suspend the system and when I start again, the touchpad is not responding to tapping. I mean only tapping and the rest with touchpad is OK.

And after you enable tapping again, it stays okay? Or it disables again when you suspend the system? Sounds like a bug in Synaptics or something. Have a look at the Q&A and bug pages for the synaptics driver; maybe there’s something useful in there.